About Us



The idea of a Pagan Church makes many Pagans have a knee jerk reaction. Many of us don't like anything which is organized. Which is one of the reasons when we formed SPIRAL we chose to call it a grotto. A grotto is a place of sanctuary, and that is exactly what we wanted to create. We envisioned a place where Pagans could come together in fellowship, but also an organization which would provide help. 

 The idea for a Pagan church/charitable organization has been in the works for some time. We had a terrible flood in Nashville in 2010. We saw many people could not get any kind of help or aid. We raised money, collected clothing and food with the help of other Pagan organizations, and offered it to people regardless of their religion or ethnicity or gender. At that point the idea was born that we needed our own church so that we could be even more help. Finally on Samhain 2013 we got our act together and became a 501c3 under the umbrella of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church.

 Our mission statement:

"To provide a safe atmosphere for personal enrichment that includes public religious rites, education and healing services for individuals exploring Pagan paths."

Our Declaration of Purpose:

"We Stand in Light, Walk in Spirit and Act in Love."

We feel that the time has come to move out of the shadows and declare who we are, to live without fear, to move our faith into a different model, to be taken seriously, to serve our community in times of trouble, to help our neighbors, to worship our gods, to come together in ritual, to come together in fellowship, and to raise our children in our faith.

We stand in perfect love and in perfect trust.

So Mote It Be.

We celebrate the eight Sabbats and soon will have space to hold new and full moon rituals. We sponsor Pagan Unity Festival a major festival in the southern US, www.paganunityfestival.org

Keep up with us here: https://www.facebook.com/Spiralgrotto/

You may find these ideas to be helpful as you walk your path and remember we are available to answer questions at sprialgrotto@gmail.com

Have a strong desire to follow the Pagan Path.
Understand there will be powerful psychic and emotional experiences and personal growth that will occur because of this step.
Understand "to stand in perfect love and perfect trust," means leaving all personal problems with other members outside of all functions you attend. 

Bright Blessings to you.