Serving Pagans In Religion And Life Grotto

We are committed to the Pagan Community and to the wider non-Pagan community as well.  

In 2010 our city, Nashville, was hit by flooding that devastated our town. Lives were lost, homes and belonging destroyed. Many Pagan did not receive any help despite the fact that millions of dollars were raised, they fell between the cracks. A spark came from that; everyone deserves help in desperate times and we have been working toward that ever since. This organization was formed because of the flood, out of disaster we rose up.

We intend to help as many people in need as possible; Pagan, Christian, Jew, Muslim, everyone who needs help, without regard to religion, lack of religion, race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

 We have collected and distributed clothing, shoes, toys, baby clothes, cleaning supplies and household items to people who have been hit with disaster, we have given aid to hundreds of people. 

This is a list of our accomplishments thus far: 

*Sheetrock, paint, and insulation to help those dealing with disaster to rebuild.

Air conditioner units and fans to the elderly in the heat of summer.
A Coat Drive, we collected coats, sweaters and jackets which were donated to the residents of Safe Haven, Nashville's only family homeless residence, 150 people were kept warm. We collected so many jackets, sweaters and coats the extra items were donated to the Thrift Store associated with Safe Haven, creating a store credit the residents were able to use to buy items for themselves and their children.  Some of the overflow went to Pagans in need.  
*Collected household items to help the formerly homeless supply their needs in a new home, including a bunk-bed set and chest of drawers. This is an ongoing collection for more families who are moving out of the shelter and into a home.
*Collected and donated 100 pounds of food which went to the Martha O'Brien Center, a distribution center for Second Harvest Food Bank.
*Donated money to people who were in difficult circumstances due to loss of jobs, house fires and illness.
*Donated money to a Pagan author to help print books and secure booth space to sell the books. We have been reimbursed.
*Bought a stove for a woman who makes her living cooking.
*Donated cash to a food bank for low income families.
*Paid a cell phone bill for a woman who suffers from a mental illness so she could have a life line.
*Donated to a couple who are faced with medical bills, no work because of an amputation. This helped with food and electricity.

*Donated to a retired woman who could not make it on her SS. She bought dog grooming tools and went back into the dog  grooming business with the idea of doing a couple of dogs a week to make ends meet. She is covered up in dogs.

*Donated to a young man with malignant brain cancer. We have donated almost $4000 to him, which enabled he, his wife and 7 year old to keep their house. This is an ongoing campaign. We hope to raise much more for this family. If you would like to donate specifically to this family please go to

Going forward, we intend to expand our efforts, and add these things:
*Create a program much like Angel Tree for Pagan children whose parents struggle with the day-to-day expenses and have nothing left over to buy presents during Yule.
*Collect food, clothes, shoes and toys to be distributed to those in need.
*Raise money to help more people who have no one else to turn to in difficult times.

We intend to become beneficiaries of the 360 Program, big box corporations donate goods such as lumber, drywall, paint, sheets, and blankets. We redistribute these goods to those who need them. When we raise enough money to to join this group, we will rent a storage unit for the materials. This would be a much easier task if we has a place to store the donated items.

We are asking our members to tithe.

Our charter mandates we send 5% of the money we raise to the ATC Mother Church, and 5% goes to the non-Pagan community.

You can help us make our ideas into reality.

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You can also help us raise funds just by shopping. Please register your Kroger plus card for SPIRAL at click on the Community button and fill out the info. Our organization number is 58457. It only takes a few minutes to do this, then just shop at Kroger. Every time you use your Kroger Rewards card, Kroger donates a percentage of the amount you paid, with no cost to you. You can also donate to us through your purchases on Amazon. Go to your page and follow the prompts to make Serving Pagans in Religion and Life your charity. Easy as pie! Do it today!

If you shop Amazon (and who doesn't) you can help us to raise money through your purchases.  Support us shopping at  and search for Serving Pagan in Religion and Life. 

Bless you.